I attended a couple of  workshops, last month, funded by JISC under the JISC ITT Workshops  & Seminars:  Achievements & Challenges in Digitisation & e-Content strand.

‘Digital Media collection +100 years’

‘High Volume Digitisation’.

Copies of the presentations are availble on each site.

There was an interesting mix of people at both events including librarians, academics, musuem curators highlighting the diverse range of people involved in digitisation.

A number of issues raised at the seminars mirrored those raised at the JISC Digitisation conference early this year, which I blogged about.

The importance of planning for successful digitisation was clear at both seminars. It is important to be considering preservation issues early on in the digitial life cycle otherwise data will be lost and in some cases currently is. For large scale digitisation planning in advance and recognising  common problems would also be more effective.

The question of what to digitise was also raised and for many items out of copyright are the easiest to digitise.  I had also only been thinking about print material so it was really interesting to hear from the National Media museum about the issues they face in preserving new media such as games consoles and computers, not only preserving the technology but also the experience.

Once digitised there is also the importance of adding value  to the collections in terms of metadata and discoverability. It was interesting to hear from the British Library regarding the British Newspaper collection, a free resource to UK HE and they now provide a version for anyone to search with payment options for downloading, thereby opening the collection much further.

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