RFID Conference

I attended the CILP RFID in Libraries conference on Tuesday in London, where I got the opportunity to hear some interesting talks and chat to the suppliers.

One of the key issues was the welcome announcement of the adoption of the new standard ISO 28560 which will hopefully pave the way for some  interesting innovations and exploitation of the technology, including the possiblity of using technology/equipement from different suppliers to provide the perfect solution. While excited by the possiblities I am also aware that there is still plenty of work to go in this area before the benefits are appreciated including personally more thinking about what services and development the library would like to achieve with RFID.

One of the highlights of the day was a case study by Sarah Pumfrey, Team Leader (Systems) at Liverpool John Moores University. Sarah talked about the drivers behind implementing self service, the process and lessons learned, it was  a really useful personal perspective which I could relate to.  It also made me realise how beneficial opportunites for libraries to work together in resolving many common issues could be, so will be signing up the the LIB-RFID-UK mailing list.

I attended Track 2 in the afternoon aimed at those libraries which have already implemented RFID and was looking to the future, I particulary enjoyed the talks where there was an element of future gazing  such as library robots to do stock checks, location awareness tags etc. There were some inspirational ideas which helped highlight the potenial of RFID but it also reminded me that I am keen to see it deliver the functionality that is available currently today.

It was an enjoyable day and I was really pleased to meet some twitter folk. I unfortunately didn’t get to meet Mick Fortune but highly recomend his blog for all things RFID in libraries.

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