ebook roadshow @ De Montfort Leicester

We were kindly invited to participate in an ebook roadshow organised by Mitchell Dunkley at De Montfort Leicester. The roadshow gave library staff & academics the opportunity to meet with vendors/publishers and discover more about the available content, pricing models, search features etc. Chris and I also pitched up, armed with statistics and photos from the ebook world tour, to provide information on Birmingham City University library experience with ebooks.


We had a very enjoyable and informative day, it was great to share our experience with the library staff and discuss the common issues. It gave me the opportunity to get a better picture of our ebook collection and identify the challenges we face.Mindmap of ebooks at Birmingham City University

As well as share our experience I also had the opportunity to talk to some of the publishers, find out more about De Montfort’s  institutional repository, DORA and chat to the systems librarian who showed us a page  providing direct search to other library catalogues and maps of their location.

This roadshow also inspired me to think about providing a similar event for our library staff to meet some of the publishers who provide our electronic resources.

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