Creating Future Proof Graduates

Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University

Last week I dropped in on the ‘Creating Future Proof Graduates’ exhibition which was showcasing the 8 resources created to help students identify and prepare for problems when in the ‘real world’. Birmingham City University  was awarded  the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS) project in 2007, which includes funding from HEFCE, and this exhibition is the first of the projects to reach the dissemination stage.

Who, What Where

Who, What Where

The resources include a board game, an animation, online course material etc. One of the resources was created by some of the library’s Learning & Teaching team –  Who, What, Where.

This is a short course which can be accessed independently providing information to help students fully prepare for job interviews.

During the exhibition John, Carol and Christiana were at hand to talk to delegates and demonstrate the course. There was a lot of interest in the course including discussion of possible additional resources, linking with other communities etc. Personally I think this is a really good reference resource and it also highlights the value libraries provide in supporting students both in study and personal development .

The delegates all recieved a ‘compendium’ of resources and they are  available online.


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