Cotswold farm parkWe had a busy few days in late August as our Library Management System, Talis was upgraded and also moved onto a new server. While planned and carefully considered we did encounter  a few problems. However am pleased that we are finally up to date with our LMS and we already feeling the benefits of being on a new server, reports are being run so much quicker.

Since I started there has been talk about needing to upgrade to the latest version of our LMS and at the same time the need to move onto a new server, so it seemed sensible to do them at the same time. As the library, CICT and Talis all need to be involved arranging a suitable date and bearing in mind the level of disruption was tricky.

We got together with CICT beforehand to plan what sequence of events the actions should take place as there were a number of areas which are inter-dependant and identified potential problems. For example we identified a lack of consistency in how the server name was recorded in each individuals Alto set up which we needed to correct in time for the upgrade. Chris put together some instructions and library staff made the neccessary changes.  With the number of library sites and staff involved we were very appreciative of staff being able to make these local changes.

The day itself went pretty smoothly and owing to the scale of the work involved however the system was made unavailable for most of the day. Chris had put together a comprehensive testing schedule including screen shots and our intial testing was mainly positive. Having the screen shots was especialy useful when reporting problems.

The next day, once library staff started using the system we uncovered a few more issues. Luckily Talis and CICT were on hand again and helped troubleshoot, issues such as updating links to the catalogue with the new server address, ensuring all staff had the latest version of Alto, making sure the Inter Library Loan client was working etc. Thanks again to the staff for thier patience while we ironed out a few problems, next thing to plan for will be Alto 5.1.