Customer Journey Mapping

gazetteLast week I attended an Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) training session. The session started with a brief presentation on what CJM is and then we were given a few activities to try in the library with the aim to map out one of our journeys. It was an interesting session and good reminder of the value in looking at our services through a different perspective.

While attempting to collect a reservation we quickly realised that without having anyone to ask we were reliant on the need for effective direction and instructional signage and without this our journey involved much too-ing and fro-ing.  Personally in understanding this experience it provided an opportunity to introduce simple tweaks to make it a more effective service for all parties involved.

We were also given a brief article that appeared in the Cilip Gazette in September 2010 written by Erika Gavillet providing a good overview of what CJM is and how it can help libraries.

The elibrary team have also been working on Customer Journey Maps and I am looking forward to seeing what ideas they generated.