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A fabulous video worth sharing, wonder what happens at the library once the lights go out


Summon – Content

One of the issues that has always been a priority for me when looking at resource discovery tools was content.

In order for the service to be successful we need to ensure that relevant appropriate content has been indexed and so far in testing I am encouraged with  the results we have seen.

In the first stage of implementing Summon the main content to be indexed is

We have hopes for adding local collections in the second stage.

With  the library catalogue in order to ensure the data is being surfaced in Summon we purchased ‘Capita connect’ and are now working on mapping the data and tweaking the display.

With our electronic resources (approx 100) , once we identified the ones we currently are unable to index (approx 10) , we have then been working through the list and adding to Summon. In some cases its simply a matter of locating it in the knowledge base and switching it on while in others we are having to check our holdings, import data, troubleshoot queries etc.

Summon – Communication

At the end of last year the library and CICT began a project to implement Summon, a resource discovery tool. Summon will allow our staff and students to easily search across the library’s collections from one single search box.

searching summon

searching summon

We hope to update this blog with news and developments. We also have a number of groups set up to communicate progress and issues wider.

Project group – members of the elibrary team meet regularly with a project manager from CICT to monitor how the project is going and if we are meeting proposed deadlines. Summary highlight reports are sent out regularly to senior colleagues.

Technical implementation group – Mark, Robin, Chris, Trudi and myself meet monthly to work on adding the appropriate collections to Summon.

User champion group – a group is being set up to include members of the library, academics, students and reseacher’s who will help champion and promote the service to their peers

Library Summon user group – a group was set up with representation from all the teams within the library to help the technical implementation team and also to provide an opportunity for feedback from the library.

The types of issues we will be discussing are

  • Testing the service – trying out lots of different searches, thinking of user cases
  • Authentication – making sure access of and off campus works well
  • Marketing – promoting and marketing the service

We hope that communication via these groups and this blog will provide a good overview for those interested in this project as well as providing plenty of opportunity for feedback for all key stakeholders.

Let us know what you think.