Duties of John McMullan

John McMullan and the FA CupMy job title is LIBRARY IT OFFICER and I am responsible for these areas.

To help maintain, update and develop the following websites:


  • Library Homepage
  • Library & Learning Resources section on iCity
  • Freedom of Information Act website
  • I also provide technical assistance for the implementation of any new SharePoint site(s) and act as one of three Sharepoint Administrators for the L&LR presence within that environment/platform.
  • To produce, supply and add content for the Plasma Screens within Kenrick Library.
  • To deliver DSE assessments.
  • Produce original graphics and art work as and when required.

I’m keen to embrace new technologies associated with website functionality and to incorporate any new developments for the benefit of the user(s).

Each morning I tend to work through any incoming or outstanding emails I have received since the previous day. Most of those are queries which staff need help or support from me. So they vary from  timesheets queries, sharepoint permissions, webpages maintenance or notices/information which needs to be communicated directly to users via our various sources of communication (Twitter, RSS Feeds, Websites etc).

Most of the time I shall have an important piece of work to complete. I call these “Major work item(s)”. There can be many at certain busy periods of the academic year. These are the core tasks which I need to focus on to ensure they are undertaken and completed within certain time constraints. This can be tricky to achieve but I proud myself on the fact that if I set realistic deadlines for the work I should be able to deliver the end product on time and thus eliminating any further stress. 

I perceive my role to be more creative than merely procedural. Basically I like to create and develop rather than sit still and wait for change to occur. Better to be pro-active than reactive.

I actively participate and show enthusiasm while undertaking my duties – perhaps to the annoyance of some of my colleagues! But to quantify this, it is because I am very passionate about the library, customer care and would like to think I endeavour to deliver excellent quality wherever possible. Indeed it is through such endeavours that I reap job satisfaction.

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