Life & times of an eLibrary Manager

I have the honour of managing the elibrary team who provide services, support, advice and manage systems & data for library and learning resources. In managing the team I meet with them regularly and work alongside them on projects, as well as using them as an excuse to feed my biscuit and cake habit.

A typical day generally involves answering email, attending meetings (I do that a lot), writing up notes, planning projects and tweeting. For example today started off with following up on some emails and organising a meeting with a colleague. I then was able to spend some time with some of the elibrary team looking at a few rare books they had selected as part of ‘The Stack’ project (more to come on that at a later date) and finished the morning with a one to one meeting.

This afternoon I had a telephone interview about technologies in library and have been finishing moving all the post’s across to this blog while setting up the layout. I will then be writing up notes from the various meetings I have attended and work out what information I need to send where, as well as gathering my thoughts together on a conference I attended last week.

Once the day ends I am lucky enough to go home to 2 kids & a husband who also love libraries as much as me

Photo of damyanti

When not at work


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