Are you any wiser?

Eye of toy owlOfficial forms and officials that’s where my job title causes trouble. Insurance companies have no category for it and I often resign myself to this fact with a sigh of “librarian”. My family and friends have no idea of what I do for a living. Digital Library Officer gets such responses as “that’s nice”, a glazed look or “is that something to do with the police?” I suspect that as the job title was for a new post no one had any idea as to how it would develop. I still fail to describe the role in a nutshell.

Let’s just say that variety is the spice of life. I have worked on schemes of metadata; setting up of collections (specification); design of our user interface and its usability; dealt regularly with IPR, copyright and system issues; undertook digitisation training and maintained financial and auditable databases/records. With both the academic and commercial sides of my role, I have had involvement with establishing workflows; building procedures; project documentation; UCEEL’s communication framework; dealing with digitisation requests; user education; creation of publicity and liaison with academics / external contacts / IPR holders. The direction of a typical day is set by emails, meetings or deadlines.

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