A typical working day in the life of Chris Langham

My name is Chris Langham and I work on the eLibrary Team. I am the Deputy Systems Librarian, working closely with my colleague Robin Major looking after the Library Management System (Capita), controlled access at Kenrick (Sentry ISIS) and as well as other computer systems in Library and Learning Resources.

A typical day, starts out with doing the morning checks: checking that systems are operational and that overnight batch processes (such as generating overdue emails) have worked correctly. Library systems are robust and usually any problems that have arisen are due to the University’s IT infrastructure, system emails not being delivered etc.

As for the remainder of the day, to make a trite observation, no two days are rarely the same. I still spend a fair chunk of working time producing Management Information Reports, even though most of the frequently requested and straightforward reports have been devolved to end Staff users. Remainder of my time is typically spent working on projects. Examples of a recent project are the changes to My Assignment Planner to bring this website more in line with the University’s corporate look and feel. This has involved website design and working with CSS and HTML. Other tasks over the past year have included writing new Student borrower import scripts in perl to introduce changes needed for Customer Service Excellence reporting. Writing minutes of meetings, typically one of my least favourite parts of the job – attempting to transcribe my scrawl; interpreting seemingly random or contradictory words/phases hammered into a word document; or trying to decide how to minute a point, which has been discussed at a least three times in the meeting, each time coming to a slightly different conclusion!

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