Learning to Juice

I attended the Juice Implementation workshop at the Capita Offices on Thursday 15th March. I found it a useful and intensive training course; giving a detailed overview of the installation and implementation of Juice and range of extensions available.

A smooth way to enhance the Library Catalogue?

Juice is an open source project, providing java extensions primarily for Prism 3 (the Library Catalogue); although there are some available for other software. The published extensions provide a range of enhancements to the rather bare default Prism 3 pages:  examples include

  1. Adding text to the Prism 3 pages
  2. Showing lists of Library locations on Google Maps
  3. Displaying item level QR codes
  4. Displaying a Facebook like button
  5. Displaying twitter feeds.

Working through Juice implementations on other Prism 3 installations, made me realise just how unadorned our Prism 3 tenancy is. While our focus over the last few months has been on Summon, rather than Prism 3; other institutions have used juice extensions, to make changes that we could implement to enhance our Library catalogue.

A lack of a practical hands-on session during the course left a nagging doubt about how much of the course has actually sunk in. However an eagerness to implement juice on our Prism 3 tenancy and add at least some of the extensions; should put the knowledge gained on the course to good use.

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