My Role in the eLibrary Team

I’m John Farren, the newest member of the eLibrary team.

Beside eLibrary related work, I also have duties as part of the Lending Services team; generally one or two hours per day on the Library Help Desk, and an hour dedicated to the war against chaos and entropy a.k.a. tidying and reshelving books.

In the eLibrary team my primary role is Athens user support, which I have been doing for several years now, previously from the Academic Support team,

The first thing I do every day is to check the Athens enquiries inbox; the aim is always to respond to queries ASAP.

Query numbers vary quite a lot; always seem to be highest when the final assignments are set after Easter.

As well as email response, there may be Athens related enquiries by phone or for support of students at the Help Desk; average at present seems to be couple of these per day.

Other aspects of eLibrary I am only beginning to learn; among these I am currently learning to use the ABBYY FineReader OCR software. Previously the eLibrary team has used version 7 of this; unfortunately we have found that my new Windows 7 PC and FineReader 7 don’t like to play togeter, so I am trying to learn version 9. And have already learnt the worth of the motto “back up early, back up often” on losing the proofread output at page 96 of a 105 page file.

FineReader seems excellent in terms of OCR, but perhaps less so in editing the output. Today I had a brief experiment of exporting to Word document with the idea editing there before converting to PDF.
Unfortunately the Word import does not seem able to retain the pagination and separated footnote fields of the FineReader batch.

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