Scanners and me…

Zeutschel and Nikon scanning equipment...

Welcome to my Blog-spot-thingy. My name is Philip Sidaway and I’m a Digital Library Assistant – hmm…that sounds like a computer program.

Any way enough of that. I started with the University around, erm…7 years ago…I think. I joined the Digital Library (UCEEL) first of all and stayed there for 2 years, then I had a transfer to BIAD for around 2 years. In a strange twist of fate a position came back up at the Digital Library again and I moved back and I’ve been here ever since.

As you may know the Digital Library contains lots of collections from book extracts, journal articles, exam papers, student projects, images; it even has audio and video content on it too.

I am involved in the day-to-day production of the content that goes on to the DL. I use a varied array of equipment and software. The book scanners I use are made by Zeutschel (a german company) and are solid…built like a tank. The larger A1 and A0 scanners can capture a massive 500mb-1gb of RGB data in one pass and are particularly useful for digitising maps, plans and even canvas paintings. The smaller desktop scanners are great for books and journal articles.  We have two Nikon film scanners and a number of flatbed scanners. I digitise book articles and journal articles and images for external projects (DCS clients and outside institutions). I am involved in the post production artwork for these images, which includes enhancement, colour correction and re-touching as well as patching images together too.

Zeutschel os10000 and os10000 TT scanners...

Other aspects of my job include making book articles and journal articles screen readable (OCR). Preparing students projects for upload and uploading them onto the DL, this involves removing potentially copyrighted material and re-formating the documents so that the text flows properly again. I attach search criteria and metadata to the documents and upload them onto the server. I also put exam papers and video content on-line and do file conversion too.

The software I have used includes various flavours of scanning software, FineReader, Photoshop, Avid, DreamWeaver and Illustrator.

Joe and me...

And now for something completely different…back in October 2011 a small Sidaway came onto the planet by the name of Joseph. He’s even smaller than me…yep he’s a micro Sidaway. Any way my wife took this fantastic picture of my son Joseph in the pool with his coach along side (that’s me…hehe). Joe’s in full training for the 2012 Olympics, so move out Phelps cause here comes Joseph…sorry folks couldn’t resist.


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