Summon: look and feel

Owing to the limited customisation possible in Summon we are planning on creating a landing page with potentially the following;

  • Search box which exclude ‘Newspaper Articles’ by default (to reduce results number)
  • The title ‘Summon’, with a new strap line
  • Explanation of what Summon is/can do
  • Links to common library services such as, A-Z eresource list, A-Z ejournal list, renewals, room booking, relevant news, Ask the Library

As well as creating a specific summon page we also thought about other locations where Summon could be embedded

  • Moodle – as could be useful for staff and students to find resources from within the VLE
  • iCity (Institutional portal)  – Adapt current library widget to include a summon search box as opposed to a library catalogue search box
  • Library website – add a search box to the main library webpage, something many other summon customers have done

    Summon examples


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