eCopyLite Twitter or You may find yourself…*

A4 File BindersThe world of copyright has notched up a gear recently. It’s getting a lot of press and there are many moves mooted. The Hargreaves’ Report has been significant in generating discussion, particularly with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO)  petitioning for copyright consultation with regard to the proposals. Many groups have posted their responses on the web; an example of which is the Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance (LACA). Ploughing through 114 questions (none of them tick box) wasn’t something that I had ever envisaged doing but I responded. How did I get here? *

Increasing moves towards electronic services and improving their accessibility means that copyright is becoming more of an issue for the eLibrary team‘s Digital Library Officers. It is certainly taking up more of our time. The eCopyLite Twitter account is an attempt at keeping abreast of current events and tweeting those that may be relevant to staff and students. Without it, we probably wouldn’t have taken a once in a lifetime* chance to shape the future of copyright. With regard to the resulting legislation, our job will still be about balancing expectation against what can be delivered. In terms of librarianship that is the same as it ever was*.

*acknowledgement: Talking Heads, Once in a Lifetime .


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