middlemash_wordleWe were pleased to host the third mashed library event on Monday 30th November, Middlemash. Details about the day and presentations are on the event blog.

The elibrary team have been busy organising the event and it was great to recieve such positive feedback, we wanted to say a huge thank you to all the speakers & delegates for making it such an succesful day. Thank you also to the sponsors, especially Ex Libris who provided the refreshements (including plenty of cake)

Middlemash cakes

The morning was filled with talks from a variety of people. Tamar Sedeh from Ex Libris started the day talking about how Ex Libris have been working with customers and the El Commons platform allowing people to share code and work collaboratively.

This was followed by a talk by Mark van Harmelen who highlighted the importance of user feedback and testing in all design. He illustrated the importance of paper prototyping – sketching out the idea on paper – which is always a great starting point.

We then had 3 case studies from librarians in HE about projects they have worked on having attended the previous 2 mashed library events. It was great to hear how they have developed their ideas and the tools they used to achieve this.

In the afternoon fortified by lunch and more cake the delegates had the opportunity to attend workshops on Yahoo Pipes, adding JUICE extensions to the catalogue (this could be adding book jackets, maps etc) and looking at the possibilities of using google maps to create library floor plans.

It was an enjoyable day and I was really pleased to meet so many enthusiastic & talented librarians from across the UK.  I came away from the day with a number of ideas to explore and it’s been really interesting hearing about some of the ideas that delegates have been working on since the event.  We have also been thinking about holding a smaller regional event to colloborate with colleagues further.



I am very excited that we will be hosting the next Mashed Library event here at Birmingham City University on Monday 30th November 2Birmingham City University009, very kindly sponsored by ExLibris (UK) Ltd

Having set the date and got a venue its time for the the real planning to begin, luckily I have the support of my eLibrary team to help organise what I hope will be another interesting and useful day in the Mashed Libraries series.

There is so much to think about. I hope to get some help from the organisers of the previous events, Owen Stephens & Dave Patten to find out what things have worked. Some of the things I have started thinking about are;

  • Event title/logo
  • Agenda for the day – speakers, talks/themes, breakout sessions etc
  • Catering
  • Information on location, travel
  • Communication
  • Registering for the event